To develop Nagpur as a manufacturing hub for silver artifacts. We highly value our customer's hard earned money and the trust they put on us. We take full guarantee of the weight and purity of the article we supply.

About Us-Silver Items for Return Gifts

Who We Are

Within multiple years after beginning wholesale and retail distribution of pure silver articles online and payals, we realised the lack of manufacturing setup in Nagpur despite the wide demand. Hence 3 years ago we started in-house manufacturing acquiring some of the best skills person in India and infrastructure. We manufacture products right from Coins to frames to many solid silver products. Currently we have 2 stores and a manufacturing setup with a manpower of more than 30. Anupam Silver House, our parent concern started in 1974 deals with wholesale and retail of fancy payals, key rings and ear rings. Anantrai & Sons started in 1994 as a sister concern deals with wholesale and retail of silver coins, frames, gift articles, silver utensils,decor,tableware and pooja items. Shopping silver jewellary Nagpur online has become an easy task now. Our manufacturing setup started in 2012 ,takes corporate gifting orders for coins, frames etc. We also take B2B orders for Chattra. Nakshi items, Singhasan etc. Special mandir orders for Jhula, Aangi, doors etc are also fulfilled by us.


What We Think

Anantrai & Sons is a manufacturer, wholesale & retailer of silver items for return gifts like Utensils, Puja Items, Coins, Gift Articles etc.We also take customized order.

Started by Shri Anantrai Bakhai in the year 1994 as a sister concern of Anupam Silver House (Estd. 1974)Since 1974 we are enagaged in manufacturing & trading in high quality silver artifacts under our brand name Anupam.

We highly value our customer's hard earned money and trust they put on us. We always try to deliver our best of goods and services. Our vision is to develop Nagpur as a manufacturing hub for silver artifacts.


Our Backbone

Our team is the support system of our company. The team works it best to offer the best output required. They manage all the important information of every company or person of interest to an association.

The team provides an integrated solution for every work and management, ensuring that members, delegates and administrators all have access to the same up-to-date information. Furthermore, use of a system and the best team simplifies the work offered and management. Our efficient team serves the clients at its best. Our team is the key support of our company.









Our individuals make the value in the materials we manufacture, so we spend money on guaranteeing a secure and well-mannered office environment, while offering the training and resources required to accomplish our objective.

Our team members are our ambassadors in the company where they stay and perform. We anticipate everyone, at every level, to act with reliability, believe in and regard, be accountable of the surroundings and stand as role models in protection of the office.

The authorities of our management have wide encounter in both exploration and many other sectors. They carry exclusive credentials, passions and opinions to function under the route of the Panel of Administrators.

The Products manufacturing unit is motivated by intense competitors complicated and globalized supply systems along with the growing number of environmentally-conscious customers. With fast modifying customer objectives and continuous technical change, there is a need for quick service and advancement. Increasing use of included software in the item allows them to be more brilliant providing with it the task of large amount of equipment data that needs be prepared and examined to produce significant ideas.

The increase of the growing marketplaces as the most powerful gamers in these websites makes new settings for the Procedure Production business milieu, which is still changing. The company has a huge manufacturing unit which makes it easier to serve the heavy demand of the clients with the help of the workers.

They have a team which is the most important aspect and contributes to the succesing working of the company.

The Silver industry worldwide is approximated to grow highly at the rate of more than 10% yearly. Globally main issue with this industry is in an disorganized state with the significant share of business being provided by various small manufacturers in the disorganized industry. The industry has begun to negotiate with the appearance of huge production features with strong developing points and structured submission network. Anupam is leading the national merging of the silver product industry based on its unique extensive production strong points, grew up research and development and developing capacity.